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Safe construction training - english

The training is a web-based training course where you as a course participant are stimulated to actively search for and test your theoretical knowledge about the most common risks in the industry as well as your knowledge about how these can be handled in a safe way. The training will give you an understanding for how our attitudes and behaviours can affect the safety culture at our workplaces.


After undergoing the training you will have increased your understanding for what the most common risks are within the construction industry and understand how the most common risks can/should be prevented. You will also have increased your understanding for how our attitudes and behaviours can affect the safety for us as individuals and as a group. You should also be able to recognise the most common rules within work environment and safety. 


·       Accident, fire and first aid

·       Personal protective equipment and ID card

·       Barriers and protective devices

·       Machinery and vehicles

·       Dust

·       Chemicals

·       Roles and responsibilities

·       Hand-held machines

·       Vibrations

·       Mobile work platforms

·       Movable and stationary scaffolding

·       Scaffolding

·       Ladders and trestles

·       Work environment

·       Lifting operations

·       Cleaning and maintenance 

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  • Miscellaneous: In order to pass the training course the participant must complete a knowledge test. In the areas of attitudes and behaviours, the participant carries out exercises with self-reflection. If the participant passes the training a certificate can be given, and after approval and individual consent the training will be registered in the ID06 Competence database.
  • The e-learning is for free!
Safe construction training - English Individual registration Group registration

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